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Al Capone
(1959) In this unusually accurate biography, small-time hood Al Capone comes to Chicago at the dawn of Prohibition to be the bodyguard of racketeer Johnny Torrio. Capone's rise in Chicago gangdom is followed through murder, extortion, and political fraud.
Price: $8.00
Baby Face Nelson
(1957) Baby Face Nelson is based on the real-life 1930s gangster, directed by Don Siegel, co-written by Daniel Mainwaring—who also wrote the screenplay for Siegel's 1956 sci-fi thriller Invasion of the Body Snatchers—and starring Mickey Rooney as Baby Face Nelson with Leo Gordon as John Dillinger.
Price: $8.00
Bells of Rosarita
(1944) Dale Evans inherits a circus, but her dead father's partner (Grant Withers) is trying to take it away from her. Roy and Bob Nolan are filming a movie on location at the circus. They and a number of other western movie stars, that includes Wild Bill Elliott, Rocky Allan Lane, Don "Red" Barry, Robert Livingston, and Sunset Carson, come to Dale's aid, putting on a show and catching the bad guys.
Price: $8.00
The Black Hand
(1950) Now grown-up, Johnny Columbo (Gene Kelly) returns to New York from Italy having sworn a vendetta against the Black Hand who killed his father years earlier. Becoming romantically involved with a girl from school and meeting up with an honest cop (J. Carrol Naish) also fighting the gangs, Columbo starts to wonder if there may be legal ways to defeat them
Price: $8.00
Blackbeard the Pirate
(1952) In 1674, "reformed" pirate Sir Henry Morgan is a high official in Jamaica, but Edward Maynard hopes to win a large reward by proving Morgan still dabbles in piracy. Maynard goes undercover as ship's surgeon with a Morgan henchman...who's been supplanted by notorious Blackbeard himself. Also on the ship is Edwina Mansfield, seemingly a damsel in distress, to whom there's much more than meets the eye.
Price: $8.00
Boston Blackie Triple Feature
Confessions of Boston Blackie (1941) Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood(1942) One Mysterious Night (1944)
Price: $8.00
Brass Bancroft Collection
4 FILMS ON TWO DVD'S 40 years before becoming our President, Reagan starred as another Federal employee, Lt. “Brass” Bancroft, a stalwart Secret Service agent who risked life and limb to bring to justice illegal alien smugglers, counterfeiters and enemy spies. This 2 DVD set has collected these films into one collection. The films are Secret Service of the Air (1938), Code of the Secret Service (1938), Smashing the Money Ring (1939), and Murder in the Air (1939).
Price: $10.00
Chandu the Magician
(1932) Chandu the Magician stars Edmund Lowe as a Magician/Yogi secret agent, Frank Chandler and Bela Lugosi as the megalomaniac villain Roxor, that he must stop. Based on the radio play of the same name.
Price: $8.00
Charlie Chan Collection (4)
Four Charlie Chan Adventures on 4 DVD's. For decades, detective Charlie Chan solved crimes and captured criminals with the help of his loyal sons and his trusty sidekick, Birmingham Brown. Often underestimated, they always caught the villians. Ride along as Charlie and his crew fight crime armed only with powers of deduction, quick wit and many wise proverbs. 1. SHADOWS OVER CHINATOWN (1946) Starring Sidney Toler 2. DOCKS OF NEW ORLEANS (1948) Starring Roland Winters 3. SHANGHAI CHEST (1948) Starring Roland Winters 4. THE GOLDEN EYE (1948) Starring Roland Winters.
Price: $20.00
Charlie Chan Complete Collection
42 FILMS ON 11 DVD'S Charlie Chan is a fictional Chinese-American detective created by Earl Derr Biggers in 1919. Chan is a detective for the Honolulu police, though many stories feature Chan traveling the world as he investigates mysteries and solves crimes. Warner Oland was the first actor to portray Charlie Chan - as we know him - in sixteen films produced at Fox studios (later Twentieth Century-Fox) from 1931 until his death in 1938. Beginning in 1938, Sidney Toler carried on the role, taking the Oriental detective through eleven more adventures at Twentieth Century-Fox and an additional eleven films at Monogram Pictures until his passing in 1947. Roland Winters took Charlie Chan through his final six cases at Monogram, until the series finally ended in 1949 after a run of nearly two decades. BONUS: This collection also contains the rare TV movie "The Return of Charlie Chan", a TV movie in which Ross Martin (Artemis Gordon of the Wild Wild West) played the Oriental detective. Included inside is a complete listing of the films in this great collection.
Price: $50.00
Charlie Chan Triple Feature
Three classic Chan mysteries made by famed B-movie studio Monogram Pictures.
Disc One
1. The Red Dragon
Stars Sydney Toler as Charlie Chan. In this thriller Chan is faced with suspects in a stolen atomic bomb formula case, that are being killed with bullets that are not fired from a gun. Number Three Son Tommy is on hand to help his dad.
Disc Two
1. The Featured Serpent
Stars Roland Winters as Chan. Charlie and two sons, Lee and Jimmy, investigate a murderous gang who is forcing an archaeologist to search for a treasure in Mexico.
2. The Sky Dragon
Stars Roland Winters as Chan. During a plane trip on a commercial airliner, Charlie Chan, Number One Son Lee, and the passengers are drugged, and when they wake up a quarter million dollars is missing.
Price: $12.00
Classic Old Time Westerns Collection
Disc One
Roy Rogers posing as The Carson City Kid, is seeking vengeance on Morgan Reynolds (Bob Steele), the man who killed his brother.
2. THUNDER TOWN (1946)
Jim Brandon (Bob Steele) returns from prison having been framed for robbery hoping toprove his innocence.
Disc Two
Dawson is running rustled cattle across the abandoned Trenton ranch and has given it the reputation of a ghost ranch to keep people away. Billy (Buster Crabbe) and Fuzzy (Al St. John) are on hand to help Henry Tenton, a rancher from England, who Dawson tries to chase away.
After deceitful Indian agent Grat Bandas (Ted de Corsia) has his men shoot Brother Van (John Smith), gunfighter Linc Prescott (Buster Crabbe) saves the peaceful circuit rider and agrees to help him put a stop to Bandas's plans to start an Indian war and grab their land for himself.
Disc Three
Delivering horses, Stan Bradford (Tim Holt) gets caught up in Cobb Wayne's attempt to stop Jeff Corbin from completing the telephone line. If Corbin fails to meet the deadline, Wayne can take over. Bradford wants to return to his ranch, but when Wayne's man shoots Corbin, he takes over the job.
2. DUDE COWBOY (1941)
Federal agent Terry McVey (Tim Holt), posing as a guest at the Silver Bar Dude Ranch, investigates the disappearance of noted engraver Frank Adams who is being forced to produce counterfeit bills by the ranch owner, Gordon West.
Disc Four
Dusty Gardner (Johnny Mack Brown), and other Texas ranchers, are driving a herd of cattle to Abilene, Kansas along the Chisholm Trail. Desperate need of water takes them to the Turner ranch, where Belle Turner demands exorbitant prices for the water. Tex Ritter also stars as Montana Smith.
Taylor's men are robbing incoming supply wagons to enable Taylor to sell goods at inflated prices. The Vigilantes led by Frank Jackson are doing the same so the ranchers won't starve. Marshals Lash LaRue and Fuzzy arrive to try and find the real culprits.
Price: $20.00
Crazy Joe
(1974) Crazy Joe is an Italian drama film directed by Carlo Lizzani. It is based on the real life events of Joseph Gallo, a mobster member of the Colombo crime family. The film stars Peter Boyle in the title role, with Fred Williamson, Eli Wallach, and Paula Prentiss. This violent real-life crime drama follows the relatively brief career of Crazy Joe Gallo, who formed an alliance with all of New York City's African-American gangs while serving time in Attica. Once he got out, he used that alliance to try and take over the Colombo crime family. He goes too far, however, and before long Gallo himself becomes a target of both the police and other gangsters. The film chronicles twelve years in Gallo's life before he meets a brutal end.
Price: $8.00
The Crowded Sky
(1960) A commercial jet and a Navy plane with defective navigation equipment and no radio are on a collision course. Flashbacks depict personal moments of the crew and passengers of the airliner who don't realize they're in imminent danger, unlike the Naval pilot who must make a terrible choice.
Price: $8.00
Day of the Dolphin
(1973) Dr Jake Terrell, who has been training a pair of dolphins for many years, has had a breakthrough. He has taught his dolphins to speak and understand English, although they do have a limited vocabulary. When the dolphins are stolen, he discovers they're to be used in an assassination attempt. Now he is in a race to discover who is the target, and where the dolphins are, before the attempt is carried out.
Price: $8.00
The Dick Tracy Movie Collection
This collection contains all 4 Dick Tracy films made in the 1940's. 1. Dick Tracy: Detective with Morgan Conway (1945) 2. Dick Tracy vs. Cueball with Morgan Conway (1946) 3. Dick Tracy's Dilemna with Ralph Byrd (1947) 4. Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome with Ralph Byrd (1947).
Price: $10.00
(1945) Dillinger is a 1945 gangster film telling the story of John Dillinger.
Price: $8.00
Face of Fu Manchu
(1965) A ghostly execution of world mastermind criminal Fu Manchu is witnessed by arch-nemesis Nayland Smith. Back in England, however, it is increasingly apparent that Fu Manchu is still operating. Smith is quick to detect that the execution he witnessed was that of a double, an actor hypnotized into taking Fu Manchu's place. The villain is back in London, working from a secret base underneath the River Thames. He has kidnapped the esteemed Professor Muller, who holds the key to a potentially deadly solution from the seeds of a rare Tibetan flower.
Price: $8.00
Fastest Gun Alive
(1956) Whenever it becomes known how good he is with guns, ex-gunman George and his wife Dora have to flee the town, in fear of all the gunmen who might want to challenge him. Unfortunately he again spills his secret when he's drunk. All citizens swear to keep his secret and support him to give up his guns forever -- but a boy tells the story to a gang of wanted criminals. Their leader threatens to burn down the whole town, if he doesn't duel him.
Price: $8.00
Fate Is The Hunter
(1964) Pilot Jack Savage (Taylor) is suspected of drinking and causing an airliner crash that kills 53 people and leaves only a single survivor, Martha Webster (Pleshette), a flight attendant. The captain's wartime buddy, airline executive Sam C. McBane (Ford), is convinced of his friend's innocence and investigates doggedly. Eventually, a test flight re-creating the actual ill-fated flight shows that the crash was caused by a series of events -- including a cup of coffee spilling and shorting out wiring which falsely indicated an engine fire -- and not by pilot negligence.
Price: $8.00
Forgotten Super Hero TV Movies
1. Fantastic Four (1994) The Fantastic Four is an unreleased low-budget superhero film. It was produced by low-budget specialist Roger Corman and Bernd Eichinger, who went on to produce another Fantastic Four movie in 2005. 2. Justice League of America (1997) Justice League of America is a television pilot produced by CBS and directed by Félix Enríquez Alcalá, based on a team of fictional DC Comics superheroes from the comic of the same name. The film is interjected with mock-interviews of members of the Justice League, speaking about life as a superhero in a past tense, preceding the events of the film.
Price: $8.00
Frank Sinatra Double Feature
1. Manchurian Candidate (1962) 2. Suddenly (1954)
Price: $8.00
Gene Autry Double Feature
Price: $8.00
Helen of Troy
(1956) Prince Paris of Troy, shipwrecked on a mission to the king of Sparta, meets and falls for Queen Helen before he knows who she is. Rudely received by the royal Greeks, he must flee...but fate and their mutual passions lead him to take Helen along. This gives the Greeks just the excuse they need for much-desired war.
Price: $8.00
Hercules Double Feature
1. Hercules Unchained (1959) 2. Hercules Against the Moon Men (1964).
Price: $8.00
Hitler's Madman
(1943) Hitler's Madman is the story of determined Czech resistance fighters trying to free their country from Nazi occupation. During an assassination attempt they succeed in fatally wounding the region's governor, Reinhardt Heydrich (portrayed by John Carradine) who was also in actuality a key Nazi leader and architect of the Final Solution. As a result of his death SS Chief Heinrich Himmler orders the Czech town of Lidice destroyed with its men murdered and the women and children sent to concentration camps. (In real life, the Nazis even killed every dog they could find in the village.)
Price: $8.00
Invisible Avenger
(1958) Invisible Avenger is a melodrama set in New Orleans. The hero, Lamont Cranston AKA The Shadow (Richard Derr), is a student of mysticism and mind control. At crucial points, Cranston is able to hypnotically "cloud men's minds" so that they cannot see him. If this sounds familiar, it's because Invisible Avenger was the unsold pilot film for a TV series based on the famed pulp-novel and radio detective "The Shadow". This hour-long pilot was released theatrically by Republic after the TV series failed to sell. The plot concerns the machinations of a banana-republic dictator who fakes his own death in order to draw his country's true ruler out of exile, the better to kill the man. Cranston and his mentor Jogendra (Mark Daniels) set things right by pulling their invisibility act.
Price: $8.00
John Wayne Double Feature
1. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) 2. Stagecoach (1939)
Price: $8.00
Johnny Weismuller Tarzan Collection
VOLUME ONE DISC ONE Tarzan the Ape Man and Tarzan and His Mate DISC TWO Tarzan Escapes and Tarzan Finds A Son DISC THREE Tarzan's Secret Treasure and Tarzan's New York Adventure
Price: $15.00
Jungle Jim Movie Collection
All 16 Movies on 8 DVD's starring Johnny Weismuller as Jungle Jim
Price: $35.00
Killer That Stalked New York
(1950) Sheila Bennett returns to New York from Cuba, carrying $40,000 worth of smuggled diamonds...and smallpox, which could start a devastating epidemic in the unprotected city. Treasury agent Johnson loses her but keeps doggedly on the trail; while Public Health doctor Wood searches in vain for the unknown person spreading the deadly disease far and wide.
Price: $8.00
King of the Roaring 20's
(1961) Moving from one scam to another Arnold Rothstein quickly becomes rich, and settles into the life of owning big-town gambling joints. Along the way he falls in loves and marries, makes a life-long enemy of a cop on the take, and gradually becomes hardened even to his closest friends.
Price: $8.00
King Solomon's Mines
(1950) Allan Quartermain leads an expedition into uncharted African territory in an effort to locate Elizabeth Curtis' husband Henry, who was searching for King Solomon's legendary treasure.
Price: $8.00
Land of the Pharaohs
(1955) In ancient Egypt the Pharaoh Khu-fu is obsessed with acquiring gold and plans to take it all with him into the "second life." To this end he enlists the aid of Vashtar, an architect whose people are enslaved in Egypt. The deal: build a robbery-proof tomb and the enslaved people will be freed. During the years that the pyramid is being built a Cyprian princess becomes the pharaoh's second wife, and she plots to prevent Khufu from taking his treasure with him when he dies .. as well as helping him make the journey early.
Price: $8.00
Lone Wolf Collection
6 GREAT FILMS ON 3 DVD'S The Lone Wolf is the nickname of the fictional character Michael Lanyard (played to perfection by Warren William), a jewel thief turned private detective in a series of novels written by Louis Joseph Vance. A large number of movies based on and inspired by the books have been made. This collection contains 6 of the classic films in the series. Disc One: The Lone Wolf Strikes (1940) The Lone Wolf Meets A Lady (1940) Disc Two: The Lone Wolf Keeps A Date (1941) The Lone Wolf Takes A Chance (1941) Disc Three: Counter-Espionage (1942) Passport To Suez (1943).
Price: $15.00
Lost Patrol
(1934) A World War I British Army patrol is crossing the Mesopotomian desert when their commanding officer, the only one who knows their destination is killed by the bullet of unseen bandits. The patrol's sergeant keeps them heading north on the assumption that they will hit their brigade. They stop for the night at an oasis and awake the next morning to find their horses stolen, their sentry dead, the oasis surrounded and survival difficult.
Price: $8.00
(1968) Policemen Bonaro and Madigan lose their guns to fugitive Barney Benesch. As compensation, the two NYC detectives are given a weekend to bring Benesch to justice. While Bonaro and Madigan follow up on various leads, Police Commissioner Russell goes about his duties, including attending functions, meeting with aggrieved relatives, and counseling the spouses of fallen officers.
Price: $8.00
(1956) Colorful adventure tale in which adventurers John Bromfield, Victor Jory (the Shadow), and Lon Chaney Jr. (the Wolfman), sail the South Seas in search of treasure and other action-packed quests. Said to be based on Edgar Allen Poe's Tell Tale Heart and the Gold Bug.
Price: $8.00
Mark of Zorro
(1940) This is perhaps the best of the many Zorro films as Tyrone Power gives an outstanding performance as the alternately swishing and swashbuckling son of a 19th century California aristocrat. As a champion of the oppressed, Zorro must face a wicked governor portrayed by J. Edward Bromberg, who, of course, has a beautiful niece whom our hero loves. Basil Rathbone is a delightfully evil assistant to the governor.
Price: $8.00
Mr. Moto Movie Collection
A wonderful return to those golden days of mystery and adventure, this set offers all 8 Peter Lorre Movies. The films of Mr. Moto provided a sharp contrast to the drawing room mysteries that were so prevalent on the screen during the Thirties. Their plots were highly melodramatic with an emphasis on action rather than mystery. The main character himself was enigmatic, charming but highly dangerous. Of all the many film series, Mr. Moto remains the most unusual, the most surreal, the most violent, and the most fantastic. This Set Includes: 1. Think Fast Mr. Moto 2. Thank You Mr. Moto 3. Mr. Moto's Gamble 4. Mr. Moto Takes A Chance 5. Mysterious Mr. Moto 6. Mr. Moto's Last Warning 7. Danger Island 8. Mr. Moto Takes A Vacation.
Price: $30.00
Mr. Wong Movie Collection
Monogram Pictures brought Mr. Wong to life on the big screen with 6 feature films, 5 of which starred Boris Karloff. This collection contains all 6 films on 3 DVD's. Disc One: Mr. Wong: Detective (1939) Mystery of Mr. Wong (1939) Disc Two: Fatal Hour (1940) Doomed To Die (1940) Disc Three: Mr. Wong in Chinatown (1940) Phantom of Chinatown (1940)
Price: $15.00
Nazi Agent
(1942) Set in a pre-Pearl Harbor United States, Nazi Agent starred real-life Hitler refugee Conrad Veidt as identical twins, one a timid stamp collector and rare book store owner, the other the Nazi consul. The evil Veidt is killed during an argument between the two and the good Veidt shaves his beard in order to take his brother's place as head of a Nazi spy ring. He manages to quell the group's attempts to sabotage allied shipping routes before being exposed by, of all things, a pet canary.
Price: $8.00