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Abbott and Costello Double Feature 1
1. THE 30 FOOT BRIDE OF CANDY ROCK (1959) In one of his rare performances without Bud Abbott, Lou Costello plays a delivery boy who invents a machine which turns his girlfriend into a giantess. 2. MEETS DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (1953) Slim and Tubby are American cops in London to study police tactics. They wind up in jail and are bailed out by Dr. Jekyll.
Price: $8.00
Abbott and Costello Double Feature 2
1. BUCK PRIVATES (1941) Bud and Lou enlist in the army in order to escape being hauled off to jail, and soon find themselves in boot camp. To their dismay, the company's drill instructor is none other than the cop who was all set to run them off to jail in the first place! 2. THE NOOSE HANGS HIGH (1948) Abbott and Costello are two window washers who are mistaken by Nick Craig, a bookie, as the messengers he sent for to pick up $50,000.
Price: $8.00
*****NEW Abbott and Costello Go To Mars
(1953) Orville (Costello) is the oldest orphan at the Hideaway Orphans Home. He accidentally winds up inside a truck heading to a top secret laboratory, where he is placed under the guidance of lab worker Lester (Abbott) to help load supplies onto a rocketship. While on board, Orville hits the ignition button and the rocket launches, and flies across the country to New Orleans, where Mardi Gras is in progress. They exit the ship and witness "hideous creatures", which are actually costumed celebrants, and conclude that they have landed on Mars.
Price: $8.00
Bud and Lou
(1978) The professional and personal lives of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello are examined. From their modest start in Vaudeville through their early radio success and, ultimately, to their triumph as motion picture and television stars. This made-for-TV movie from 1978 stars Harvey Korman and Buddy Hackett in the leads.
Price: $8.00
Cat and the Canary
(1939) Ten years have passed since the death of millionaire, Cyrus Norman. Cosby, Cyrus' attorney, has gathered Cyrus' 6 remaining relatives to his New Orleans' mansion for Cyrus' "reading of the will". To the others disappointment, Joyce is the sole heir, but, due to a streak of insanity running in the family, a second will has been made in case Joyce falls victim to it. This puts Joyce in danger. Suddenly, Miss Lu, Cyrus' maid, appears and warns them that the spirits have told her that one of them will die that night. Following this, Hendrick, a prison guard, warns them that, "The Cat", a homicidal maniac has escaped. This sets up Cyrus' relatives with a night filled with murders, mysteries and intrigue. Here comes Bob Hope to the rescue.
Price: $8.00
*****NEW Don't Give Up The Ship
(1959) The United States Navy is asking the government for new appropriations. Now a Congressman Mandeville, who wants to turn them down, thinks he has the means--one of their vessels, a destroyer escort is unaccounted for. Now the last man who was in command of it, is John Paul Steckler VII, who comes from a long line who naval goof-ups. So Admiral Bludde sends for him and when he is brought before them, he is told that unless he can tell them where the vessel is, he stands to face charges. It seems that after the war, he was placed in command, cause he was lowest ranking officer, and after getting caught by Japanese soldiers, who were unaware that the war was over, and being mistakenly believed to be dead, his crew left him, and when he returned he sign the ship out. So along with Ensign Benson, he tries to find out where his ship went.
Price: $8.00
The Good Humor Man
(1950) Ace "Good Humor" ice cream salesman Biff Jones, while on his peddling route, is attacked by three thugs chasing a platinum blonde, Bonnie Conroy. They leave after stuffing Biff into the freezer compartment of his delivery vehicle. Biff loses his job. Bonnie shows up and asks Biff to spend the night in her living-room as protection against the gang. He agrees but awakens to find Bonnie a cold corpse.Johnny, Margie's kid brother, and fellow-members of "The Captain Marvel Club" save Biff and Margie in a schoolhouse where they have been cornered by the gang. Look for George Reeves (Superman) as the leader of the bad guys.
Price: $8.00
*****NEW HELP!
(1965) The Beatles film has an obscure Asian cult that believes in human sacrifice after Ringo who has accidentally put on the victim's ceremonial ring. He is pursued by the cult, a pair of mad scientists, and a member of a side cult that no longer believes in human sacrifice, and the London police who are trying to help. Help! was the second feature film made by the Beatles.
Price: $8.00
J-Men Forever
(1979) The Lightning Bug has a multi-prong scheme to enslave the earth. First, rock and roll, which the J-Men counter with Muzac, then marijuana. Finally, the J-Men build a bomb to blow up the moon with, but the Bug beats them to it by self destructing the moon by playing his rock and roll too loud. Clips from old movie serials are used in this very funny film. J-Men Forever has become a cult favorite with it's fans.
Price: $8.00
Laurel and Hardy Double Feature
Price: $8.00
*****NEW Laurel and Hardy Triple Feature
1. SAPS AT SEA (1940)
2. BLOCKHEADS (1938)
Price: $8.00
*****NEW Ma and Pa Kettle Movie Collection
1.The Egg and I - 1947
2.Ma and Pa Kettle - 1949
3.Ma and Pa Kettle Go to
Town - 1950
4.Ma and Pa Kettle Back on
the Farm - 1951
5.Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair
- 1952
6.Ma and Pa Kettle on
Vacation - 1953
7.Ma and Pa Kettle at Home -
8.Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki -
9.The Kettles in the Ozarks -
10.The Kettles on Old
MacDonald's Farm - 1957
Price: $20.00
Mad Monster Party
(1967) Before Baron Von Frankenstein (Boris Karloff) can retire as the head of the powerful Worldwide Organization of Monsters, he must inform his faithful group of ghouls. How to deliver the news? Through a Mad Monster Party, of course! Von Frankenstein's guests include a who's who of Halloween favorites, including the Werewolf, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Mummy, the Invisible Man and more in this frighteningly fun holiday classic from Rankin/Bass that will leave kids of all ages howling with delight!
Price: $8.00
Marx Brothers Double Feature
Animal Crackers (1930) Captain Spaulding, the noted explorer, returns from Africa and attends a gala party held by Mrs. Rittenhouse. A painting displayed at that party is stolen, and the Marxes help recover it. Well, maybe 'help' isn't quite the word I was looking for--this is the Marx Brothers, after all... Duck Soup (1933) The small state of Freedonia is in a financial mess, borrowing a huge sum of cash from wealthy widow Mrs. Teasdale. She insists on replacing the current president with crazy Rufus T. Firefly and mayhem erupts. To make matters worse, the neighboring state sends inept spies Chicolini and Pinky to obtain top secret information, creating even more chaos!
Price: $8.00
*****NEW Three Stooges Movie Collection
Disc One:
Have Rocket Will Travel
The Outlaws Is Coming
Rockin in the Rockies
Disc Two:
Three Stooges Go Around the World In A Daze
The Three Stooges Meet Hercules
Time Out For Rhythm
Price: $12.00
*****NEW Time of Their Lives
(1946) The Time of Their Lives stars Abbott and Costello. Two ghosts (Lou Costello and Marjorie Reynolds) who were mistakenly branded as traitors during the Revolutionary War return to 20th century New England to retieve a letter from George Washington which would prove their innocence. As in the previous Abbott and Costello film, Little Giant, the duo plays separate characters instead of partners, due to tensions between them that led to their splitting up for a while in 1945.
Price: $8.00
*****NEW Who Done It?
(1942) Chick Larkin (Bud Abbott) and Mervyn Milgrim (Lou Costello) both work at the soda counter of a local radio station. Their true passion, however, is to become writers on a radio mystery show. They attend a broadcast of the radio program Murder at Midnight along with one of the writers, Jimmy Turner (Patric Knowles) and the producer, Jane Little (Louise Allbritton).
As the show begins, the network president, Colonel J.R. Andrews (Thomas Gomez), is mysteriously electrocuted. Seeing this as an opportunity to become radio writers, Chick and Mervyn impersonate detectives and attempt to solve the crime.
Price: $8.00