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Steel City Con

We would like to thank every one at the Steel City Con who visited our table.  It was fun speaking to all the people who stopped by and had such nice things to say about our inventory.  Though we cannot attend the next Steel City Con in December we are looking forward to attending again next July.  Once again thanks to all who stopped by to say hello and of course all of our customers.  Remember to check out our website if you are looking for any type of classic DVD.  Take care!

Steel City Con July 2012

Well it is time for another Steel City Con at the Monroeville Convention Center.  With guests like Dean Cain (Superman in Lois and Clark), Verne Troyer (Mini Me in Austin Powers), and Burt Ward (Robin in the original Batman series) it should bring a huge crowd.  It is always fun to speak to fans of the great classic sci-fi and horror movies.  Please come to our table - remember the show special three movies for $20.  Look forward to seeing everyone.  Have a great time!

Steel City Con in Monroeville PA.

We will be a dealer at the Steel City Con from July 27-29 at the Monroeville Convention Center.  It is a huge place with alot of dealers and guests including Dean Cain, Superman from Lois and Clark, Verne Troyer, Mini-Me from Austin Powers, and Burt Ward, Robin from the Batman TV Show.  Please attend and come and visit our table.  As usual we will have our show special of 3 DVD's for $20.  Looking forward to seeing everyone. 

My wife Mary

On June 12 my life changed forever.  On that day my wife and best friend Mary lost her battle against lung cancer.  She was diagnosed in April and was determined to fight this dread disease.  She was the best part of me and will always be in my heart.  Anyone in your life that you love and care for - hug them and tell them how you feel.  You may never get the chance.  Rest my dear Mary!  I love you.

Davey Jones dies

My wife and I had to opportunity on two occasions to see the late Davey Jones at two nostalgia shows including the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Show in Baltimore.  He seemed to be a nice person who enjoyed interacting with his many fans.  He seemed to be so healthy.  His death should remind us all to enjoy life to the fullest at all times.  Love your family and enjoy the people that care for you.  He was a talented individual and will be missed.  Take care Davey!

Toy and Nostalgia Shows

I have attended quite a few toy and nostalgia shows and  I have to say that talking to fans of old time movies and TV is such fun.  Many fans attend these shows and some do not buy.  However everyone loves talking about their fond memories of movies and TV shows.  We have to continue to keep these great movies, TV, Movie Serials, classic cartoons and comic books alive.  It was a better time - a simpler time.  Please everyone continue attending these shows.  We desperately need to keep them alive.

Friends of Old Time Radio Convention (The Last)

Well, the last Friends of Old Time Radio Convention has come and gone.  It is very sad that we do not have that convention to look forward to in October anymore.  The people who attended were so nice and did their best to keep some of the nostalgia of old time radio alive.  It was a different day and a different era.  Thankfully I have my collection of classic like The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, Gangbusters, X Minus One and Yours Truly Johnny Dollar.  I love listening to the old radio programs.  Hopefully the Friends of Old Time Radio and its convention will spring up somewhere else.  If it does, great.  If not, well lets try and keep it alive in our memories and in our homes.  Jay Hickerson did a great job for all these years running the show.  Thanks to Jay and his group.  All I can say would be a quote from the Lone Ranger "Adios, and good luck."  All of you will be missed!

Garden State Comic Con

Some thoughts about the Garden State Comic Con held this past weekend in Cherry Hill.  My wife Mary and I had a great time.  I met Jackson Bostwick who played Captain Marvel in the 1970's show Shazam.  He was very gracious and a gentleman.  As far as sales go - Saturday was an OK day.  However what the heck happened to all the people on Sunday.  The place was DEAD!  We were fighting over the few customers who showed up LOL. Maybe the show should have only been one day.  $25 to walk through the door and the $40 price tag for Barbara Eden's autograph certainly didn't help my sales.  Oh well hopefully the Radio Show Convention in Newark will be better. 

Return From the MANC

This year's MANC was wonderful and a lot of fun.  We spoke to many people at the convention who share our love of nostalgia and old movies and TV. I got the chance to speak to Michael Constantine.  I asked him about the Odd Couple episode that he was in and we laughed and laughed.  He seemed like a nice man.  I then spoke to Jimmy Hunt who starred in one of my favorite sci-fi movies Invaders From Mars.  He was nice as well and the whole convention was fun.  Our dealer tables were near Patty Duke and she seemed very busy and very patient with the fans.

Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention is finally here

MANC starts tomorrow morning. Mary and I taking off after she gets home from work this afternoon. Looking forward to the convention and meeting people that share my passion for old movies , TV shows and serials.  Make sure you stop by and say hello.  Take care and see everyone this weekend in Hunt Valley.